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Hi I'm Emily and I make crush imagines <3 Feel free to leave a request or ask for advice. I'm always here to talk if you need it! Love ya c: (Links under pictures)
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Anonymous asked: i have the biggest crush on my best guy-friend, he's always touching me (with my consent) playfully and laughing around me and he smells really nice and hes super funny and just in general is a very nice person. whenever he laughs he ends up leaning on me for support, and he's super duper tall so its like holy fuck cuddle me???? only issue is my best girl-friend also likes him and idk hes so adorable and aaaaah

Uh I’m not sure what you’re asking about here but if it’s about the guy in general you should just talk to him about it or invite him out to do something, if you’re wondering what to do about your friend I’d just talk to her about it

Anonymous asked: hi I'm in 8th grade and there's this guy that I really like. we have two class periods together and in one of them he sits next to me. I don't know if he feels the same way about me but he does stuff for me like he'll get me my binder for science and he'll help me on my homework and stuff but he does the same thing for some other girls. how do I find out if he feels the same way?

Check out his body language? Does the way he act around you seem a little different than the others? And maybe if you’re brave enough just ask him!

Anonymous asked: So, I'm dating this guy and I have barely any doubts about him not liking me but I'm beginning to wonder about my friend and him. In the past with a couple of my previous boyfriends she's told me she's liked them and not long after telling me that my boyfriends will break up with me and date her. I love my best friend, I truly do, I just can't help but doubt the fact that she could quite possibly like my boyfriend, again! I need advice on what to do, please help!

Try talking to her about it, let her know that you don’t want her taking your boyfriends and talk to your boyfriend about it too! Just let him know you’re suspicious because it has happened in the past I’m sure he’d understand

Anonymous asked: I'm a guard girl with a crush on a guy in the drum line. He's tall dark and handsome. He and I have been good friends for a while and he's so amazing. But my problem is he seems to have a crush on a girl in the pit. I feel friend zoned right now. There is also a dance for music students soon and I was wondering if I should ask him to go with me, or just go with one of my friends. Help! (Also if you couldn't tell I'm in the marching band)

Yeah I can tell lol I’m also in my school’s band! But yes I’d advise you to just ask! The worst that can happen is that he can say no but if you don’t ask the no is guaranteed so just go for it!

Anonymous asked: I had this crush last year and it lasted for about 8 months. Now I'm friends with him but one of my best friends got really close to him and now has a crush on him and he recently asked her to homecoming. Is it wrong to be jealous?

It’s definitely not wrong to be jealous, everyone’s gets jealous of someone at some point but I’m not sure of how to solve your problem, I’d say just to leave them be or let your friend know how you feel and hopefully she’ll be accepting?

Anonymous asked: so I just moved to a new school with a ton of cute boys and this one guy in particular caught my eye he sits across from my table at lunch. and I just Kindve glance and watch him from time to time and sometimes we make eye contacts but he doesn't know me cause I'm new he's never tried to talk to me sometimes I see him looking at me so how do I get him to notice or maybe even like me as a friend or?

Well is he in any other classes besides lunch? If he isn’t it might be a little difficult getting him to notice you, the only way to become friends is to talk to him! Introduce yourself

Anonymous asked: I started college like 2 weeks ago and I met a gorgeous sweet guy but after meeting we never hung out I just saw him around. I really like him but I havent told anybody.. I kinda went out of my way to talk to him two days ago then yesterday he snuck up behind me and we talked for awhile... now I feel like I wanna do something to try and move this forward but idk what! what should I say or do when I see him? usually hes with his friends or I'm with mine so how do I get past that?

Pretend they aren’t there! Or maybe find him at a point where he isn’t with his friends, you could also try asking for his phone number

Anonymous asked: So this guy I really like finally reached out to me 2 days ago and told me he really liked me and I was really happy and we talked for a long time that night but then the past 2days he has been ignoring me ??

Maybe he’s been busy? Has he always started the conversations? There are plenty of reasons why he wouldn’t be answering in just 2 days, maybe ask him about it in person or just send a text

Anonymous asked: this kinda nerdy dude liked me all last year and i just realized that i like him over the summer which works out bc i have classes with him but in gym he was just staring at he and i looked at him a couple times like five minutes apart and both times he was just staring at me, why? (im guessing he still likes me?!?) but he never tries to talk to me? maybe i should talk to him but what should i say?

Ask him about his summer or something, make small talk! I’m sure he still has some unresolved feelings for you

Anonymous asked: I was on oovoo with this guy I'm talking to and his sister and because it's so hot today I didn't have any makeup on and his sister said how I look different and he's like yeah and she said not in a bad way and he agreed but now I feel like i should wear makeup whenever I oovoo them:/

Do what you want! They just noticed you didn’t have make up, it’s no big deal. You should wear make-up for you not others!

Anonymous asked: So there's this guy I've been talking to and I told him about my past relationship where I was abused and he didn't say anything after that and I'm starting feel like he just didn't care

Maybe he felt like it was too awkward, I feel like I wouldn’t know what to say either because I haven’t been in that situation, maybe he just needs time to accept it? Try talking to him about it

Anonymous asked: So I have a crush on a senior and I'm a freshman. We're both in band together and I really want to talk to him but I'm to nervous to. Any advice??

Is he in your section? If he is that should make talking to him that much easier, try to find a mutual friend maybe? Or just go up and say hi :)

Anonymous asked: A male on male POV please?

Send me an idea then please! I have one for girl on girl POV but not male on male!

Anonymous asked: So I've been talking to this guy for about a month and all we've done is oovoo'd because we don't go to the same school and I haven't hung out with him yet because he plays football everyday and is busy a lot. And he said he liked me but then he keeps liking his exs stuff on Facebook and not mine and idk

Just because he “likes” her Facebook posts doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you! You’re over thinking everything, I sure there’s some explanation

Anonymous asked: and idk if i wanna pursue him since idk if i have a chance? hes the fun cool guy in class everyone likes him or thinks hes annoying. but i think hes funny and adorable and hes a foot taller than me and i love that. also i was kinda stalking his ask fm and he said that he likes tall girls (like 6 months ago) so idk if i want to even try with him ughh sorry for the incredibly long message

It doesn’t matter how long the message is but anyway it’s your choice if you want to try to date him, if you’re that interested just go for it!