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Hi I'm Emily and I make crush imagines <3 Feel free to leave a request or ask for advice. I'm always here to talk if you need it! Love ya c: (Links under pictures)
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Anonymous asked: So there's this boy on my bus, I don't know his name YET haha 😅, but my friends have told him I think he's cute. He seems kinda shy what should I do? I try to sit next to him but then become a coward and keep walking to another seat

Man-up girl! Lol, just do it you won’t regret if it doesn’t work out you can still be friends.

Anonymous asked: I was thinking the same thing. But if I were to be sexually active with him, not that I'm planning to (I think I'm way too young), even if my parents disapproved they would only punish me and speak with him. They wouldn't ruin his life over something I willing to do.

Then go for it! Just don’t be tempted

Anonymous asked: THERES THIS GUY IM INTO AND WE'VE NEVER TALKED BEFORE BUT WE'VE BEEN EYE FLIRTING AND HE TALKED TO ME TODAY. He came up to me and asked my name and I told him and asked his, etc. And then he told me I blush a lot, so I blushed even more and he said "That's cute" and I DIED. The only down side is I'm 15 and he's 18 and now I don't know what to do. It's only three years... But is that too much??

Once you’re 18, no the age difference is barely any (my parents are about 8 years apart) but be careful if you two were to date. You are not allowed to have any type of sexual contact because you are a minor while he’s an adult (technically) and if your parents don’t want you seeing this guy then they are allowed to stop it and if it doesn’t stop then he can go to jail (from what I’ve read I’m not an expert with this kind of stuff you might want to verify) If you just want to date then go for it as long as your parents approve. they can make the decision because you’re a minor but once you’re 18 you’re a free lady. Good luck!

Anonymous asked: Hi :) so my crush is kind, polite, funny, atheltic (he also plays basketball) good looking and intelligent. He's of about 5'9 or 5'10 I guess (I'm 5'4). He has light brown hair and beautiful brown eyes (not gonna start talking about them bc it'd never end tho). We haven't talked a lot yet bc we hardly see each other, most of the times just when he decides to visit some boys of my class in the breaks and then there's never a good chance to talk. I'm sadly also pretty shy. :\

Aw, you should try talking to him when you see him outside of class, and I know the feeling I’m pretty shy myself.

Anonymous asked: i've been crushing on the same guy for about two years now, he has known my feelings the whole time and never really confronted them, he got a girlfriend after he knew and since they have been broken up we have been hanging out more. we've made out once but i dont really think it meant the same thing for both of us. i finally asked him what his feelings were towards me and he said he knows we are friends but he thinks there may be a bit more. what do you think?

I think there’s definitely something more but maybe he just needs time to think because you were friends for quite a while, when did you talk to him about it? If it was lately then give him a couple days to think about it then bring it up again to see what he has to say

I am extremely sorry to everyone because i havent had time to make any imagines, i will try my best to get one or maybe two out by sunday but i cant make any promises, since school is coming to an end i’m being piled with homework and tests and such D: I will do my best to create some imagines for you guys but i have just been SO busy i hope you understand! I have way to many requests so if you request there is no way i can get to it for a little while but thanks for hanging in there guys c:


Anonymous asked: He always compliments me and if I put my self down he always builds me back up again and he keeps talking about meeting up and stuff and he always tells me everything and yh ahh so help what shall Ido

Well you could talk to him about because there’s 1 of 2 ways it can go. Either you’re best friends and he doesn’t see you as being his girlfriend, (he would talk about other girls or his current crushes if not you) or he does like you and is nervous, or is too shy to make a move because he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship. If you just bring it up like “i don’t want to ruin out friendship since we’re so close but, I was just wondering if you liked me as more than a friend?” Or say whatever you feel is right ^.^

Anonymous asked: Hey I have become a lot closer to this boy and I really like him but I don't know I he likes me or not he's really kid and nice and flirty but I don't know what to do can you help me please?xx

Yeah of course but I’d need like examples of why you think he likes you or things along that line I can’t really help you with what you gave me

Anonymous asked: When I say he's gone, I mean that he goes out with us.

Oh, well then maybe he only see you as a friend and co-worker but I’m not really sure on this one if you could muster up the courage to talk to him about it it’d probably be better

Anonymous asked: I like this guy and he seems to like me but he is a completely different person at school. He ignores me while there but once we leave he is a really sweet guy. I don't like how he acts around everyone else. Is he worth it?

Maybe it’s because he likes you and doesn’t want people at school to know or tease him? You should try talking to him about it

Anonymous asked: It's the anon with the co-worker crush again lol. I did invite him to do stuff outside of work as a group, and he's always gone. But he doesn't ask me to do things :x

Well then maybe he doesn’t like you? When you say he’s gone do you mean Everytime you try to ask him he isn’t there or he doesn’t show or what?

Anonymous asked: I have a crush on a co-worker, but right now I'm at school 30 minutes away and I'm not working. He would kind of flirt and joke around with me, but I think he only likes me as a friend because he never texts me first, but we are running a 5k together in April. Any tips to move out of the friendzone and to spark his interest?

Maybe invite to do something outside of work. Such as going to see a movie or maybe bowling with a group of friends! I’d probably do group activities first then you could invite him alone or say your friends “couldn’t make it” so you could be alone and take it from there!


Just a quick note regarding people who would like a personal imagine. If you want a personal one you must message me off anon with a LOT of detail so I can make it personalized towards YOU. Include a plot line that you’d like or something but please don’t just message me your two names because I will not write it for an anon especially just given the names. And I’m almost done with a few more so hang in there guys! I know I’m slacking and I appreciate your patience.


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Anonymous asked: My best friend is a guy & I kinda have a crush on him.. He's said he was in love with me, countless times, but then says he likes somebody else. He's extreamly indecisive. He's also my cuddle buddy & we act like a couple but then at the end of the day we call eachother brother & sister. The other say his friends all ran up and asked him if he still liked me. He just shrugged. but his face was sad & confused.. What does that really mean?

I think he’s confused on who to like, maybe he likes more than one girl? Or he loves you as a sister? Or maybe he’s trying to hide it from others? I have no clue he seems like he’s just confused on what to think

I’d say go talk to him and if he acts confused give him a few days to think things over and try again. If he’s still “confused” I honestly don’t know what’s going on maybe something personal you just gotta talk to him!


Anonymous asked: My crush is 15. He's 6'3 and has has brown hair that lays across his forehead right above deep brown eyes decorated with long lashes. He has a nerdy appearance but is a total sweet heart.<3

Oh wow, he’s tall, but he sounds amazing lucky you c: