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Hi I'm Emily and I make crush imagines <3 Feel free to leave a request or ask for advice. I'm always here to talk if you need it! Love ya c: (Links under pictures)
Counter started 12/30/13
Anonymous asked: Hi i have a massive crush on a boy in my year at school and have done for 2/3 years now and in these holidays he's been texting me quite a bit. I've never known if he likes me but our conversation are flirty, he gives me such a mixed message I just don't know! I catch him looking at me in school a lot and we make eye contact all the time but I'm just so confused!! Help!

From what you’re telling me he might be interested, you just have to ask yourself has he done this with every girl he meets or is it just you? Does he treat you special or what? If he does then I think he might be interested. Good luck!

Anonymous asked: So i've had a crush on my crush for a long time...3 years to be exact. We used to talk like 24/7 both at school and after school but last summer we sorta just stop talking. This year is gonna be my first year of high school and i really want to start talking to him again but we haven't talked in a long time so i don't know how to approach him, any suggustions?

Just talk like nothing’s happened! Sometimes I get out of touch with friends or others over summer break and we all come back to school and talk to each other again like it never even happened

Anonymous asked: Just wanted to say you're my favorite fucking blog on the entire tumblr. Just wanted you to fucking know that you fucking talented and beautiful person. Okay?

Maybe okay will be our always.

Anonymous asked: Do not delete this page we need you !!! Lol you answer so many of my questions and help me get throught so many things dont leave we will understand if you have to set it aside and focus on school and stuff but we still want you to stay !!!!!

That’s what I was planning on doing, maybe posting one or two on the weekends hopefully if I’m not too busy!

Anonymous asked: Do u think everyone has a fetish ? Do you ? If so what is it ?

I don’t think EVERYONE has one, I don’t usually fantasize about anything out the ordinary so I’d say I don’t have one

Anonymous asked: Do u think its okay to have a list of standards for a guys and if so what would be some on ur list ?

I wouldn’t say standards, maybe more along the lines of preferences/turn ons because if someone doesn’t have what I guess I “prefer” in a guy I wouldn’t just turn them down completely I would try to give them a chance :) preferences are perfectly normal but if you’re completely utterly rejecting someone just by how they look I feel like it’s a bit unfair but things that I would prefer are:
-being taller than me
-I guess weighing more (I’m really insecure and if someone super skinny is interested in me it just makes me feel even more insecure/awkward)
-having a nice personality (not someone who’s rude to others just a generally kind person)
- someone who doesn’t do drugs/drinks
- and overall just someone I find good looking because although everyone does stress on “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” I do agree with that 100% but if you are not physically attracted to that person it just won’t work out, you’d only see said person as a friend
Now let me stress this again because I don’t want hate for posting this; These are things that I PREFER this doesn’t mean that I will never in my life date someone who is shorter than me or is super skinny I give everyone a chance if I’m at all attracted to them. You never know :) but I will say one thing I am not not will I ever be attracted to someone who is rude to others… I hope I answered you’re question sorry for such a long answer!

Anonymous asked: Why? :(

I’m feeling too overwhelmed with school starting and I’m in sports/marching band so I guess I can keep the blog but there’s not going to be very frequent posts

I’m thinking I should just delete this blog :/

Anonymous asked: so I go to the public pool sometimes during summer and I always see the lifeguard looking anywhere around me. He always goes anywhere that I am. Like if I'm in the 3ft zone he follows me there. He's like 17 and I'm 16 so idk what to do ? He is pretty cute but it's still kinda weird. When I always cough he always checks the temperature of the pool. He basically pretty much looks at what I'm doing and it's pretty nerve racking when someone's looking at you. Please help :)

That’s adorable haha, he might be interested in you but it could also be a coincidence, if that happens every time you go to the pool it’s probably a good chance that he’s somewhat interested. If you’re brave enough you could strike up a conversation with him or joke about how he’s “stalking you” you just need to break the ice, or if you’re too nervous/not that interested just try to ignore him he’d probably back off eventually

Anonymous asked: so i have been dating my current bf for a couple months now and i love him n he loves me. (both 17 btw) the problem however is the before him i had a thing with this guy i reallllly liked and we stopped talking for a while n yesterday he texted me n we started talking again n apologized for everything that had happened and we hung out as friends but all he did was flirt with me n was sweet n wanted to hang out all day. now i have no idea what to do. my friends also don't like my current bf.

You need to ask yourself, is this other guy really worth it just because your friends don’t like your current boyfriend? Do you want this other guy? If you don’t and you truly love your boyfriend you need to let him know you are in a relationship and aren’t interested in his shenanigans.

Anonymous asked: Hi. I need some advice on this boy. The boy I have a crush on so happens to be the guy I sit next to in class. We're best friends and both our friends are always teasing us about liking each other and sadly I have to play along with not liking him since I have a feeling he doesn't like me even though a part of me says he does. I want to admit I like him but I don't want our friendship to end and I also don't want it to be awkward sitting next to him everyday. Please help!

You gotta take some risks! Just go for it :) but if you feel like you aren’t ready just wait, there’s no way to know for sure unless you just do it

Anonymous asked: Hi how do u know if so my crush found out I liked him last year and then my friend asked him out for me and then he said no but this year he is super nice to me and stares at me alot so is it possible he may like me now or probably not???????????????

Anything’s possible! When someone admits their feelings towards another it makes the person think about it, like when he said no, at the time he might not have been interested in you but once he had time to think about whether or not he was ACTUALLY interested he might’ve sparked something, so of course it’s possible he could be interested :)

Anonymous asked: so I've been dating my boyfriend for two months now and I'm 17 and he is one year younger than me. he was the first one to say i love you and the first one to develop those feelings. i told him a few days after that i love him too and i do. but sometimes i feel like i am boring him or he is loosing interest in me. sometimes he won't reply to my texts for hours. I'm not always the one to text first tho and he always calls first. he also gets high a lot what does that mean and should i be worried?

Does he get high often? Of course I would be worried if my boyfriend smoked stuff, I’m not that kinda person but if you’re okay with him doing that stuff that’s your decision but with the drifting apart you gotta talk to each other, communication is key in a relationship. Let him know how you feel and that you may be boring him and I’m sure he’ll be honest with you. Best of luck!

Anonymous asked: Okay I had this crush on this shy, athletic, and smart boy sense the beginning of the year. A month later I found out he likes me back, but we didn't do anything. We stopped talking to each other because of how awkward it was and we have been distant. It was the last day of school and I couldn't decide whether to let him ask me out or do it on my own. I chickened out and he didn't do anything either. Now we are going to high school together and I'm afraid he is going to move on Should I move on?

Well I was sorta in this situation way back when and we actually didn’t do anything and I moved on quite easily if I do say so myself… You gotta take the summer break to think about it, do you REALLY want to date him, or just the idea of dating him is what made you to confess to him? Once you decide what you really want, grow some girl balls and go talk to him about it. If you don’t take the initiative nothing is going to happen between you two because it seems pretty clear to me that he isn’t going to be making a move anytime soon. So good luck with whatever happens!

Anonymous asked: Do you write smut??

I will eventually but at the moment I have no smut stories